Ready to celebrate?

Kevin Fawcett   -  

Family gatherings – there’s nothing like them!

We had our whole family come to visit last month, which meant that our normally quiet house got busy and messy! Eleven people crowded around our kitchen table for meals and filled our spare rooms at night. All of our regular routines were suspended for a few glorious days with family.

It takes a lot of work to get a family together like this. Schedules need to be cleared so people can make the trip. The house needs to be cleaned, activities need to be planned, and groceries need to be bought. So. Many. Groceries.

But, man, it’s worth it.

As Melanie and I cleaned up after a meal one night and ran the dishes (again!) we enjoyed listening to the rambling conversation that kept people engaged around the table. Later that night, laughter filled the room as we played a game together. In pockets here and there throughout the house, stories from the past were recalled and people’s plans for the future were shared. Our house was full and so were our hearts; the evidence of God’s blessing was on full display!

Which is exactly what I’m looking forward to at this weekend’s PAC Family Gathering.

Our church family is getting together for the day and, no doubt, it takes a lot of effort to pull something like this off. People are driving in from Dauphin, Dryden, and Neepawa. In Portage, plans have been made, food has been arranged, and our staff is working hard to get the house ready to welcome everyone tomorrow. Everyone’s busy schedules have been upended to make this happen. So – is it worth all this energy and expense?

You bet.

I can’t wait to see new friendships forming and old ones deepening around the tables tomorrow. I can already hear the laughter as we play and joke together. And I’m excited to worship with my whole church family in one place and with one voice. So much blessing, all crammed into one day!

We’ll be tired when it’s all over. And so thankful.

Looking forward to celebrating with all of you!

–Pastor Kevin