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Get to know the team here at PAC.


Prairie Alliance Church is a multi-site church across Manitoba and Northwest Ontario. Learn more about each of our locations below.

PAC is driven by our Four Prayers and UPSIDEDOWN PARTY rhythm.

It's easy for a church to lose its direction and purpose. PAC has chosen to keep focused on what God is calling us to through our Four Prayers and our UPSIDEDOWN PARTY Rhythm. We'd love you to join us as we follow these rhythms and pray towards these four callings.

Four Prayers

In 2014, Lead Pastor Nathan Weselake and our Board of Elders began to discern that there was a small constellation of specific works that God was calling PAC to focus on. Of all the things we could do, these were the things we must do! The team had a strong sense that this cluster of concerns carried a sacred weight that would keep them solidly at the core of our church-life for years to come. Their gravitational pull would exert a constant draw on our energy and attention.

We framed them as our “Four Prayers” - the things we longed for God to make a reality in our midst. As we prayed into these things and began living them out year by year, God was faithful to begin answering our requests. We loved what we saw developing: deepening relationships with our neighbors, the flourishing of our towns, the healing of broken bodies, minds, and spirits, and a desire to share all this goodness with other communities!


We pray . . . 

that PAC’s congregations would reflect the diverse demographic of their communities.

The Bible looks ahead to a day when people from every nation, tribe, and tongue will gather together to worship Jesus (Rev. 7:9-10). His UPSIDEDOWN kingdom breaks down all barriers between races, classes, and genders. (Col. 3:11). We believe every PAC location should reflect the diversity of the town where it is located.  If a community is ⅓ Indigenous, we long for the day when our church there shares in that reality.

We live out this prayer by . . .

  • intentionally building relationships with people across ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural lines.  
  • celebrating and making space for the beautiful and messy diversity of God’s large family.
  • encouraging people to become like Jesus rather than expecting them to become like us.  
  • pursuing reconciliation with our Indigenous neighbours, seeking to redeem Jesus’ reputation among them.

Jesus, your cross has broken through the hostility your children often feel towards one another. We see now that we can’t come close to you without also drawing closer to one another. Make us a welcoming home for the people of our community so our church offers a glimpse of the beautiful diversity of your kingdom.

Award Winning Towns

We pray . . . 

that our communities would be recognized as “award-winning towns” that flourish because of the transformation happening within them.

When we look around we see that there are significant difficulties and challenges in each of the communities where PAC has a church. While we may feel tempted to pull back from the brokenness and pain, keeping ourselves safe and comfortable, Jesus has called us to a different way of life. We long for, pray for, and work for the flourishing of our towns. As we do this, we trust that God will help us become those who are “rebuilders of broken walls and restorers of deserted streets” (Is. 58:12). We are committed to playing our part in seeing God’s kingdom come and his will being done – here and now!

We live out this prayer by . . .

  • being actively involved in our neighborhoods and communities. 
  • praying for those in civic leadership and working alongside them.
  • speaking positively about the places we live.
  • living on purpose, looking for ways that God’s blessing to us can become God’s blessing through us.

Jesus, you compared your kingdom to grains of yeast being hidden in a large batch of flour, working its way through the whole dough. Work us into the very fabric of our towns so that your light and life spread far and wide. We long to be agents of transformation; keep us from the sin of abdication. May our communities flourish as your kingdom comes.

One-Touch Healing

We pray . . . 

that PAC would be a place where people experience Jesus’ power through One-Touch Healings.

During his time on earth, Jesus went about “healing every disease and sickness among the people” (Mt. 4:23). He freely offered healing for the broken minds, bodies, and spirits of those who cried out to him. At PAC, we believe Jesus is still doing this work today! We long for people to experience, in a definitive way, the wholeness only He can offer – whether physical, mental, or spiritual. While we recognize that healing often happens through a sometimes lengthy process, we are trusting that people will experience Jesus’ power in such a way that there will be a distinct “before” and “after” to their encounter with Him. Jesus can change a life with one touch.

We live out this prayer by . . .

  • asking Jesus for big things with the faith of a small child.
  • being a safe place for the broken and wounded to be open about their needs.
  • walking faithfully, compassionately, and expectantly with those who are still waiting to experience healing.

Jesus, you came to provide freedom for prisoners, sight for the blind, and release for the oppressed (Lk. 4:18). We need these today as much as when you first lived among us. We dare to ask you for the wholeness only you can offer, so that – with our whole being – we may testify to your goodness and your power. Heal us so we can offer your healing to our broken world.

Rural Hubs

We pray . . . 

that PAC would become a family of vibrant churches in rural hubs throughout our region.

As we follow the Biblical story we see that God’s blessing to his people is meant to spill out as blessing through his people. As recipients of God’s generosity it only makes sense that we would channel his goodness to others by living generously ourselves. At PAC that takes shape by establishing healthy, vibrant churches in rural hubs so we can invite others to experience Jesus’ love and engage in his Upsidedown Kingdom as we have. The life he has invited us into is too good to keep to ourselves!

We live out this prayer by . . .

  • establishing churches in communities where this is a need for a vibrant church that will love its neighbors, transform its town, and offer the healing Jesus provides.
  • giving generously so that others can experience the blessings we enjoy.
  • nurturing a culture where it is easy to invite your unchurched friends to join you.
  • planting churches that reflect the uniqueness of the towns they are in while honouring the culture and values of PAC.

We are so thankful, Jesus, for the good gifts you’ve given our church – a welcoming atmosphere, a compelling mission, a loving family, and more. It could be tempting to keep all of this to ourselves but we hear you calling us to something different. Continue to make us channels of your goodness and grace in the rural hubs of Manitoba and NW Ontario so that more people can experience the blessings we enjoy. May our family of churches grow, and may your kingdom come.


At PAC we follow an UPSIDEDOWN PARTY Rhythm, where each week we emphasize a different aspect of our relationship with God. Take some time to explore how our rhythms can help shape your relationship with God.


On UP weeks we orient our hearts towards connecting with God and deepening our relationship with him, while inviting others into a first-time relationship with him.

On UP Weeks you can expect to experience communion during our Sunday services, and in our housechurches we take intentional time to dig deeper into what God said to us through the sermon that week.


On SIDE weeks we orient our hearts towards connecting with each other in supportive community, and seeing each other the way God sees us.

On SIDE weeks you can expect to experience intentional times of connection during our Sunday services, and in our housechurches we open up to each other, providing emotional and spiritual support.


On DOWN weeks we orient our hearts towards serving our community in humble acts of service.

On DOWN weeks you can expect to participate in and hear about the different ways PAC is supporting our communities. One of the key ways we do this across locations is by bringing non-perishable food items for our local food banks. In our housechurches we find creative ways to serve our community together.


On PARTY weeks we orient our hearts towards the goodness of God, believing he is a good God who gives good gifts for us to enjoy!

On PARTY Weeks you can expect our Sunday services to be celebratory, inviting us to experience joy. In our housechurches we find ways to have fun, laugh, and enjoy life together as a community.

Our Broader Family

PAC is a part of The Alliance Canada.
Visit The Alliance website to get a picture of our broader church family and find our Statement of Faith.